Example Animation Video

Are you having trouble to launch your product? Do you want to reach your audience easily? Or are you having trouble to tell the story of your organization?

It’s all about telling a good story!

Do you also want to:

  1. Communicate quick and easy
  2. Bring the visual identity of your organization to life
  3. Show your USP’s clearly.

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Whiteboard template

Standerd animation video with limited design
  •  Length: max 90 secondes.
  • Voice over: English or Dutch. Present during recordingpossible for additional costs.
  • Animation: whiteboard from a template
  • Revision: 1 end revision
  • Completion: 4 weeks.
  • Price: starts from €797,-  
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Customized offer

Custom made animation video from scratch
  •  Length: max 90 secondes.
  • Voice over: included in price. (Sebastiaan Labrie & Roel Fooij) Very recognizable voices of TV and radio
  • Animation: customized theme just for you!
  • Revision: As many as you want!
  • Completion: 6-8 weeks.
  • Price: starts from €4.497,-  
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